Android Apps with EMANT380

EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ

The EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ is a voltmeter, oscilloscope, function generator, counter, current source and digital IO all in one device. Connections to the external electrical signals are through the DB25 connector with the pin out given below. Through Bluetooth, the Android smartphones can replicate these instruments. By appropriate circuit connections, ammeter and ohm meter functions can also be realised. Please read the EMANT380 specification for more information

EMANT380 Bluetooth Wireless DAQ

EMANT380 USB DAQ module male DB25 pin out

Bluetooth DAQ Starter Kit and Example Android Apps

The example apps are written for the Light Application Adaptor which is part of the Bluetooth DAQ Starter Kit.

Bluetooth Starter Kit

Before running the examples app you must:

  • Connect the Bluetooth Starter Kit and put in the batteries.
  • Note the MAC address of the Bluetooth DAQ module that you are using.
  • Pair the Bluetooth Module to your Android Smartphone using the pin code 1234

Connecting App Inventor to the DAQ module and sensors

The DAQ module connects to the App Inventor using Intents via the accompanying Android App. Accordingly, the access is determined by the intents of the Android App. There is no direct connection to the DAQ module available.